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Solana Lakewood is a 55+ community in Lakewood, CO that offers a variety of ways to spend your time. When you live here, you have the freedom to choose how you spend your time, and there are plenty of options available. Whether you want to relax, be entertained, or socialize with your neighbors, Solana Lakewood has something for everyone. You might even be the reason why your next new neighbor decides to join our community.

Something for Everyone

At Solana Lakewood, the team members develop an ongoing calendar of events based on your interests. They don't just guess what your interests are, they ask, listen, and act. This ensures that you have access to activities that you enjoy and that are meaningful to you. The team at Solana Lakewood is dedicated to providing a variety of options for you to spend your time and connect with your community.

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Solana Lakewood provides a variety of activities and amenities for residents to enjoy, including arts and crafts, games, light sports, community spaces, and access to a vibrant neighborhood.


Choosing to commit to learning, exercise, or self-improvement can make you feel better about yourself


Arts and crafting activities while you chat. Games and light sports to engage your competitive spirit. It's time to enjoy doing what you love, with people who make you smile.
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