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See what other people are saying about our Solana Lakewood apartments! At Solana Lakewood Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I have lived at Avenida for seven weeks now and it is fine, but it will be much finer once COVID is contained. I would like to review my experience from the day I first walked into the building until the day I moved in. Driving by on Colfax Avenue I had seen this building being built and finally my curiosity got to me and I just had to stop in. I walked into the lobby to see a spacious lobby warmly decorated and welcoming. The receptionist performed all the Covid precautionary recommendations prior to speaking with me. I explained I stopped by because I was curious and interested in the features offered at this community. She suggested I take a seat and she would have someone come out to speak with me. Well that was just the beginning. After several visits, some with friends and some with family and after seeing all they had to offer to keep my mind and body busy every day as well as the amenities available to all the residents, I made the decision that this was somewhere that I would enjoy living. Throughout this process every staff member has been more than cordial and helpful in every way possible. Their patience and knowledge is remarkable. I tend to recognize them as friends rather than just employees at the place where I live. I am quite happy and it is because of all of them that I feel this way.


My daughter and I walked in the front door, looked around and we both said, "I think this is it!" We had looked at several homes for seniors, but after a thorough tour and meeting with the staff, we both mentally packed my bags and we moved in. That was a year ago and I haven't had time to be sorry: Chatty friends, an intelligent and thoughtful staff, wonderful neighbors, and well-conceived and challenging activities, even in this Covid time, have made Avenida a special home.


I moved here as a stranger November 1st, but that didn't last longer than a day...the kind, knowledgeable staff, elegant living environment, friendly residents, and myriad engaging classes all combined to make me love it here! It is not an apartment that I am renting, it is a home that I love. This was the best move I ever made.



I looked for 5 years for a senior community. I finally decided to sell my home and move into Avenida Lakewood. It was the best decision I could have made. I love the staff, they are always very helpful. The residents are all new like me and eager to make new friends. There are so many activities to choose from. You can do a lot or a little as you choose. There is always someone I can go for a walk with or have a cup of coffee or enjoy a class with. I love Avenida Lakewood and highly recommend it!


I moved here from my home of 40 plus years and absolutely love my apartment. It is wonderful to not have the responsibility of home and yard., having all new appliances and handy men to fix everything. The location is perfect with lovely places to walk. This summer the water aerobics was great fun and good exercise. The staff is superb and make it a good place to be even during COVID-19. Musical entertainment, One Day University, and special interest classes are my favorites among the many activities available.


2020 I tmoved here from my home of 40 plus years and absolutely love my apartment. It is wonderful to not have the responsibility of home and yard., having all new appliances and handy men to fix everything. The location is perfect with lovely places to walk. This summer the water aerobics was great fun and good exercise. 2024 After being here for over three years, Solana is my home. I am convinced that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My children think so too. I love never having to fix appliances, do yard work or shovel snow, but the real joy comes from all the fun activities and new friends. I have enjoyed exercise classes, movies, games, special programs and so much more. It is a great community with lots of happy, energetic people and an exceptionally caring staff.


I feel blessed that Avenida Lakewood has been my home for about 18 months, as I was among the first group to move in. I LOVE IT ! MY Community is just special, it's all about living ! My Community encourages us to live, and even thrive, and goes about providing us the tools and inclination to live well. In my view relationships are the soul of Avenida Lakewood ! It's not just that we have activities to do, but that we have others to do them with. In so doing I've become very close to many residents and staff. We have become friends , and we care and look out for each other. For me, and I happen to be widowed, I've found the perfect place to live in my Golden Years ! That's the thing I think, for as long as I'm alive, I intend to LIVE ! I LOVE IT !


I moved here at the start of the pandemic, which was unfortunate timing as most of the amenities were shut down, quite understandably. Since then they have gradually opened up more and more, SAFELY, which is important to all. The residents are really friendly for the most part, as is the staff. The building was about a year old when I moved in, and the apartments are modern and efficient. Carts and elevators available so no one has to lug their possessions up flights of stairs. Very satisfied to this point, and anticipate the same in the future.


I absolutely love it here! When I first toured the community I knew Avenida was home! The whole staff is very friendly, helpful, and cooperative and treat us like family. Sadie is wonderful and with her job being so complex, I am amazed that for her age she has the capability to keep the programming robust and exciting! Linda, the business director and I have bonded. She is always willing to answer any questions I have and she is a hoot! Hopefully I get to continue living here for many more years.

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